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Colours of Light

Updated: May 16, 2020

Light and Colour play a crucial role in identifying architecture of historical, social and cultural significance. Painting with light to create an impact while keeping the essence of the building intact is important in establishing a lasting impression in the mind of the observer.

Artistic expression of structures at night through colour, the most stimulating attribute of light, lends a dynamic dimension to the identity of buildings.

For example, The image below showing Berlin’s iconic tower, The Fernsehturm, rendered in cool tones, set against a medieval church lit in warm light, reveals a lot about the social and historic identity of each building.

But what if the colours were reversed like in the Digitally modified night time photograph of St. Mary’s Church in cool tones and The Fernsehturm, Berlin in warm light below?

How would the textures and materials respond? Would it enhance or devalue the quality of architecture?

Therefore, the question of what dictates the colour of light in Urban Landscape and how to blend it seamlessly into the lit environment without losing the soul of architecture is worth considering.

- by Diksha Wahi

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